Case Study

Transcription Automation

A social worker
Services Provided:
Automations, Content Creation
Transcription Automation
Project Tools:
Google Drive, ChatGPT, Make
Project details:

This project involves creating a write-up of a social worker’s voice notes that are recorded after visiting clients.

The social worker’s problem was that the admin side of his job, writing up client visits, was taking too long.

My solution I gave to this problem was to have the social worker record voice notes while driving to see his next client, which would then automatically turn into a written note.

I used Make, an automation tool to:

  • check a Google Drive folder regularly for new voice notes
  • transcribe the voice note into text with ChatGPT Whisper
  • rewrite the transcription using ChatGPT into 1 paragraph with the events of the visit and a second paragraph on the observations of the client’s demeanour
  • write the 2 paragraphs into a Google Doc
Screenshot of a transcription automation using Make and ChatGPT